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XD-J6 Intelligent precision cold welding machine

XD-J6 Intelligent precision cold welding machine

XD-J6 provided by KEPUNI avoids the problem of workers being exposed to strong arc radiation for a long time. Through the working form of instantaneous release of pulse energy storage, it effectively solves various problems in metal welding and repair welding.

  • Welding wire usage range: 0.2~4.0mm
  • Concentrated energy, small heat-affected zone after welding
  • Equipped with resistance welding function
  • Can cooperate with various types of tooling for automation work

Thin plate welding:

  • Welding range: 0.2~5mm
  • After welding, the plate will not deform or change color

Metal repair welding:

  • Various types of molds have high repair accuracy and will not have annealing and undercut problems
  • Repairing defects such as wear and tear on shaft components will not damage the metal substrate, resulting in low stress
  • More suitable for repairing welding of large metal defects


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