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In the 1980s, when Ms Sun, the founder, was still a child, her father was an ordinary electric welder in a factory. In her memory, her father always worked day after day in a dusty factory, doing welding and polishing work. She had been exposed to smoke and high light for many years, resulting in a serious occupational disease. At a young age, she had a desire to change the future welding method......


After adulthood, Ms Sun enrolled in university and resolutely chose the major of "Welding Technology and Engineering". During her years in university, she devoted herself to researching environmentally friendly welding equipment and post production processes, hoping to help more welders, as well as others' fathers, overcome the harm caused by traditional welding.

In 2011, Ms Sun and her team established the KEPUNI brand of environmentally friendly welding machines and developed the "first type of environmentally friendly welding equipment - cold welding machines", which solved radiation and post polishing dust problems for welders and workers in the enterprise at that time. With the continuous increase of team research and development, creating more environmentally friendly products to become the mission and goal of KEPUNI development, so the KEPUNI team determined that The corporate vision of "endowing welding with a new mission and a new journey for environmentally friendly welding machines" is committed to designing environmentally friendly welding machines, allowing more welders to have clean and smoke-free workplaces, and enabling more welding work to develop towards intelligence and automation. KEPUNI has a modern welding demonstration room that showcases the latest technology welding equipment, allowing customers to feel the functions and benefits of the new environmentally friendly welding machine more directly.


KEPUNI strictly controls the waste generated during the production process and the hazards to nature. The packaging and raw materials of the products are reusable or biodegradable, and we wholeheartedly interpret what is called "environmental". KEPUNI cares for employees and has established an employee home with a dedicated employee activity room. The team not only has an ISO90001 quality management certificate but also an ISO45001 occupational health and safety management certificate.

Nowadays KEPUNI still insists on developing higher quality environmentally friendly welding machines. Although the global epidemic is difficult, adhering to the concept of harmonious development between humans and the natural environment as the permanent development concept of the enterprise is the permanent mission of Ms Sun and her team. Although the path of growth is long, the future is promising......

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