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With the advancement of automation in the manufacturing industry, enterprises have higher and higher requirements for the production efficiency and quality of each process link. In the heat exchanger equipment manufacturing link, how to weld multi-stage U-shaped tubes accurately, quickly and effectively has long been It has always been a problem that practitioners need to face. In order to solve the problems of unstable process, low welding efficiency and high welding rework rate in the traditional manual pipe welding process, KEPUNI has spent several years developing the XD series with its own intellectual property rights. U-shaped tube machine for heat exchangers, called the U-shaped tube connection artifact of heat exchanger equipment, can realize U-shaped tube welding in seconds, save labor costs by at least 30%, and the welding quality is excellent.

Traditional manual U-shaped pipe welding has no advantage in terms of welding quality, welding efficiency, and coal connection cost compared with KEPUNI XD series heat exchanger U-shaped pipe machine welding products. KEPUNI XD series heat exchanger U-shaped pipe welding machine is specially designed for Customized special machine for heat exchanger equipment shaped tube welding, targeted to solve the bottleneck of coal connection in industry production. The product adopts imported core component materials, with smart structure, safety, precision, durability and reliability. The whole body is water-cooled, which increases the duty cycle of the tough gun. KEPUNI XD series heat exchanger U-shaped tube embedding machine is convenient to lift and operate. One person can measure 2 welding guns at the same time, which effectively improves manpower efficiency and reduces labor costs. Multi-channel gas protection ensures the quality of welding. demand, and is superior to traditional pipe coal connection practitioners, which can greatly demonstrate excellent product technology and quality, and improve product quality.


KEPUNI XD series heat exchanger U-tube machine adopts computer digital control in the whole process, and its own pneumatic tooling system can realize accurate positioning of U-tube welding workpieces, and the expert welding database allows operators to get started quickly And achieve the best welding effect. At the same time, the equipment can realize continuous and accurate control of the welding process according to different coal joint materials, ensuring high-quality welding and stable output to meet customer needs.

At the same time, KEPUNI XD series heat exchanger U-tube welding machine equipment supports one-to-one customization for customers, and provides technical support throughout the process, truly realizing turnkey assured service.

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