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Laser welding

Laser processing is an efficient and precise processing method. Thanks to the relatively sufficient localization of fiber lasers, laser processing has developed rapidly and become popular in China in recent years. "Non-contact processing" and "high energy density" are important features of laser processing, which make it have inherent advantages such as high efficiency, high precision, low energy consumption, small material deformation, and easy control compared with traditional processing methods.


Laser processing equipment is widely replacing various traditional processing equipment, such as laser marking machine replacing inkjet printer, laser cutting machine replacing flame cutting equipment, laser welding machine replacing traditional welding equipment, etc. In emerging manufacturing industries such as panels, semiconductors, and lithium batteries, laser equipment has also been used more and more. According to statistics from the US Office of Science and Technology Policy, in 2010, 50% of the US GDP was related to the application and expansion of laser technology, while the domestic proportion was about 10%-15%, and the industry still has a large room for growth.


After years of development, especially with the breakthrough of localization of core components such as upstream lasers, the current domestic laser industry has a relatively complete industrial chain, from upstream laser chips, active optical fibers, light-emitting crystals, to various types of lasers , control system, and all kinds of laser equipment, we can find excellent suppliers in China. As a representative of emerging technologies, the laser industry has shown significant growth in the past 10 years.


Among all laser equipment, the proportion used for industrial processing accounts for about 60%. Welding is one of the main scenarios of laser industrial application, and it is an efficient and precise welding method that uses high-energy-density laser beams as heat sources. From the perspective of technological breakthroughs, my country's laser equipment continues to break through in the direction of marking, sheet metal cutting, welding, and micro-nano processing. At present, the technology of marking and sheet metal cutting equipment is relatively mature, and technology iteration has slowed down; Welding and micro-nano processing will be the main directions of technological iteration in the next stage of laser processing technology. Compared with laser cutting and laser marking, laser welding has more obvious non-standard properties, and has higher requirements for processing accuracy and motion control, and has deeper technical requirements.

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