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Pressure vessel

In the welding construction of pressure vessel pipelines, the welding quality is directly linked to the overall quality of the pressure vessel. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose welding technology reasonably and implement quality control. In addition to ensuring performance, safety must also be ensured.


For the automatic welding technology of the nozzle, it mainly includes the automatic welding between the nozzle and the cylinder, the automatic welding of the welded pipe and the joint. Under the background of the new era, the previous saddle-type submerged arc welding method is also difficult to meet the needs of modern welding equipment. If there is a large thickness or a large crack in a narrow gap, it is not difficult to apply the original welding technology. In this case Next, it is necessary to pay attention to the innovation of butt joint saddle type submerged arc welding equipment, so as to promote its development towards automation. For the automatic solution between the joint and the cylinder, welding can be carried out based on the diameter of the joint pipe of the cylinder, and the trajectory of the welding torch To be clear, combined with the corresponding parameters, to achieve the purpose of automatic production welding model.At the same time, through the use of the human-computer interaction interface, the parameters can be effectively adjusted to complete the continuous mitigation of multiple processes.

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