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Air-cooled portable laser welding machine

Air-cooled portable laser welding machine

The air-cooled portable laser welding machine provided by KEPUNI reduces size of the handheld laser welding machine, and the built-in air-cooling heat dissipation system makes the handheld laser welding machine more portable and occupies a smaller workplace.
No preheating required, ready to use .
Air-cooled heat dissipation, it can also operated normally under low temperature environment .

  • Easy operation: 0 basics novices can use it quickly, and it produces high-quality welding seam .
  • Ultra-long optical fiber: 10 meters ultra-long optical fiber to meet different welding scenarios .
  • CNC wire feeder: don't bother to control, let the welding wire help you complete the welding work.
  • CNC wire feeder
  • Platform laser welding machine
CNC wire feeder

CNC wire feeder

The CNC wire feeder provided by KEPUNI is specially used to assist laser welding equipment to complete the welding process. The stable wire feeding effect makes the welding process easier.

  • Full functions: wire feeding and withdrawal/delay wire feeding/single point wire feeding/continuous wire feeding/parameter saving/speed adjustment
  • Dual-drive wire feeding: smoother and more stable wire feeding
  • High precision: CPU chip control, more precise control of wire feeding speed
Platform laser welding machine

Platform laser welding machine

KEPUNI provides customized platform laser welding equipment, which provides a professional complete set of technical solutions for the welding process of refined parts.

  • Intelligent cooling system: dual temperature dual control / rapid water cooling without fear of high temperature environment
  • Automatic double pendulum welding head: semiconductor red light welding precise high-definition CCD monitoring flexible alignment
  • Computer motion control: servo drive motor/high-end industrial computer for clear viewing and monitoring
  • Lack of gas monitoring: automatic monitoring when there is a lack of gas
Essential details
Duty cycle200A 60%/155A 100%
Floating voltage(V)65V
Input voltage (V)AC220V士10%50Hz/60Hz
Equipment power(KVA)4.5 KVA
Weld head coolingBuilt-in circulating water cooling
Touch screen10 inch touch screen
Partitionable interval12
Insulation grade / protection gradeF/IP21
Welding current ()A5-200
Water tank Volume(L)4
Weight(kg)33(include cooling water 3.7L)
Control functionDC / pulse current control、Gas control 、Rotatory movement 、automatic print、Water cooling control
Protective functionOvervoltage, overload,and electric leakage、Arc induction failure and tungsten needle short-circuit protection


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