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Platform laser welding machine

Platform laser welding machine

KEPUNI provides customized platform laser welding equipment, which provides a professional complete set of technical solutions for the welding process of refined parts.

  • Intelligent cooling system: dual temperature dual control / rapid water cooling without fear of high temperature environment
  • Automatic double pendulum welding head: semiconductor red light welding precise high-definition CCD monitoring flexible alignment
  • Computer motion control: servo drive motor/high-end industrial computer for clear viewing and monitoring
  • Lack of gas monitoring: automatic monitoring when there is a lack of gas
  • Air-cooled portable laser welding machine
Air-cooled portable laser welding machine

Air-cooled portable laser welding machine

The air-cooled portable laser welding machine provided by KEPUNI reduces size of the handheld laser welding machine, and the built-in air-cooling heat dissipation system makes the handheld laser welding machine more portable and occupies a smaller workplace.
No preheating required, ready to use .
Air-cooled heat dissipation, it can also operated normally under low temperature environment .

  • Easy operation: 0 basics novices can use it quickly, and it produces high-quality welding seam .
  • Ultra-long optical fiber: 10 meters ultra-long optical fiber to meet different welding scenarios .
  • CNC wire feeder: don't bother to control, let the welding wire help you complete the welding work.

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