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Orbital welding for Food industrial

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Orbital welding usually used for stainless steel lines used in the production, processing and distribution of food, KEPUNI orbital cutting and orbital welding systems can weld 304/316 stainless steel pipe lines that conform to the highest standard of food safety.

Broadly defined as high purity or sanitary welds, applications in the food industries dictate orbital welds that are strong and smooth, it can realize on side weld ,both sides formation, Can withstand pressure, no tiny gaps, can pass the first-level flaw detection that can contribute to microbiological contamination leading to consumer foodborne illness.

One of the largest segments for high purity welding, KEPINU orbital saws are widely used and recognized as the world standard. Increasingly specified for its ease of use and future proofed capabilities.

KEPUNI Orbital Provide

XD-C3,XD-C4 orbital saw
XD1.0-4.5 Tube Facers
XD-20W EWM Welder Power Supply
Orbital closed Weld Heads

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