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Pharmaceutical equipment

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In the production process of medicine, process water and materials need to be distributed and transported through the pipeline system. Therefore, in order to fully meet the requirements of clean and clean surface of medical equipment to avoid microbial growth or pollution, and effectively improve the quality of pharmaceutical products, it is necessary to improve the quality of the pharmaceutical process pipeline system. The degree of emphasis on welding and installation work is called to increase the investment in related welding equipment and on-site management work, thereby providing favorable conditions for improving the quality of pharmaceutical production. The pollution sources in the pipeline itself will definitely affect the purity of the drug or pollute the drug. These drugs The flow into the market will directly affect the life and health of patients. Therefore, hygienic and clean pipeline welding is the most important part of every medical project.


Sanitary clean pipelines for medical pipeline engineering mainly involve gas systems, air conditioning systems, water systems, liquid distribution systems, cleaning and sterilization systems, etc. The hygienic requirements are very high when used, and no retention, no residue, and cleaning are the basic requirements for it. The quality of engineering pipeline seams is directly related to the success or failure of medical engineering certification. The stainless steel welded pipe requires deep penetration, no oxide inclusions, and the heat-affected zone is as small as possible. The self-fluxing tungsten inert gas shielded hydrogen arc welding equipment is fully computer-controlled, has high welding performance and cleanliness, and is widely used. In food biology, pharmaceutical chemical industry and other fields. Before the welding construction of clean pipelines in pharmaceutical pipeline engineering, after selecting the appropriate stainless steel welding material, the welding material and welding requirements should be different, and the small batch trial welding process should be qualified before large-scale welding. Welding equipment requires full-time operators to operate and maintain daily, implement the pre-job technical training disclosure system, and assign special personnel to control the quality of each link of the project. The coal joining process is carried out in strict accordance with the process specifications, the working environment and welding parts are kept clean and hygienic, the incision is smooth, and the end is processed with a special milling cutter or incision machine. When butt welding, it is necessary to ensure that the pipe fittings are clean, straight, perfectly round and fit well, without burrs or misalignment. When necessary, wipe the inner and outer surfaces of the city with alcohol to remove impurities, strengthen the management of project engineering equipment, and regularly check and maintain it to avoid equipment failures that affect the progress of engineering welding. After the engineering pipeline is welded, it can be inspected by the pipeline endoscope to meet the food and pharmaceutical GMP and environmental cleanliness standards.


In the construction of clean pipelines in pharmaceutical engineering, Xindun XD series closed weld head orbital welding machine is a powerful on-site jointing tool. It is a clean pipe welding machine designed for the welding requirements of thin-walled stainless steel pipes. The product adopts the core imported from Germany. Component materials, light structure, safe, precise, durable, reliable, whole body water cooling, 4-way gas protection of the gun body, high duty cycle, high stability, suitable for all-position welding of clean stainless steel pipes with a diameter of 3.175-168mm, It is a cost-effective automatic welding machine for sanitary clean pipes.
The whole process of this equipment adopts computerized digital control, and it is equipped with expert welding database, which can enable operators to get started quickly and achieve the best welding effect. Hazardous substances are produced, sanitary industry standards meet customer needs, and effectively solve the problems in the traditional manual pipe coal joint process, such as process instability, low welding efficiency, and high welding rework rate, which greatly improves welding efficiency and coal joint. Craftsmanship, saving labor costs by at least 30%, is a good helper for your fine coal connection

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