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Water treatment

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A water treatment system is a combination of pumps, piping and treatment equipment. Equipment piping covers almost all paths of liquid flow and is an integral part of the project. There are also various types of pipes, among which stainless steel pipes are mostly used in ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis systems, located in the middle and high pressure sections of equipment, and in water treatment processes in relative industries. The characteristics of the water treatment industry determine its high standards for pipeline welding quality. Pressure resistance is the basic condition for pipeline qualification, and welding quality is also directly related to the qualification rate and service life of water treatment equipment.


For undercutting, weld bead, burn-through, pit, incomplete welding, sagging, sagging, misalignment, poor weld formation, uneven weld width, irregular surface, incomplete penetration, and incomplete fusion that often occur during welding For welding defects such as welding, the cause should be analyzed, and the whole welding process should be effectively controlled and defect prevention should be carried out. The main reasons for shape defects may be related to the limited technical level of the operators and improper operation; improper welding process, such as: too wide joint gap, too large current, too slow speed, etc.; the analysis of the reasons for incomplete penetration and non-fusion may mainly include welding current is too small , too fast, improper workpiece alignment and other factors

In order to reduce and avoid the above welding problems, powerful factories mostly use stainless steel clean pipeline automatic welding machines for pipeline welding operations. This type of automatic welding machine adopts autolytic welding method, and optimizes the presentation of welding quality with the help of electric clamping system and welding parameter database.

Small pipeline automatic welding machine tig argon arc welding stainless steel welding pipe equipment

It is mainly used for welding thin-walled pipes such as stainless steel, carbon steel, and titanium alloys with a wall thickness of ≤3mm; the intelligent digital welding control system is equipped with a database, and the shape is good, and the finished welding product meets the welding requirements of sanitary stainless steel clean pipes; the core components imported from Germany are highly efficient , high. One-button operation, easy to learn, and zero-based personnel can master it within one hour; the body is light, meeting the requirements of high-altitude welding operations; one-to-one customization is supported, and full-process technical services are provided; (this tube welding torch needs to be used with an integrated welding control power supply )

Products are used in food and pharmaceuticals, biological fermentation, water treatment, air conditioning and refrigeration, instrumentation, pressure vessels, aerospace, pipeline installation and other fields.

Welds types:

Straight pipe- -straight pipe, straight pipe- -chuck, straight pipe- -tee, straight pipe- -elbow; Pan- -elbow, dial- -tee, U bend, etc.;

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