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automatic tube cutter

Discover the advantages and capability of a KEPUNI computerized Tube Cutter


A tube that is automatic are an innovation that is exciting brings convenience plus safety to cutting metal and plastic tubing. This product was designed to allow you to accomplish your projects faster and much more accurately. KEPUNI pipe cutting machine will explore the way the tube that will be works that are automatic the many means it will help you.

Why choose KEPUNI automatic tube cutter?

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Utilizing an Automatic Tube Cutter:

Using a tube that is automated is simple plus straightforward. The unit has a manual that highlights the safety that is appropriate plus running instructions. The first action is to create how big the cut using the display that is digital. Next, load the tube into the device, making certain it fits snugly. Finally, activate the machine utilizing the start key, additionally the device can automatically make the cut. The KEPUNI steel pipe cutting machine is versatile and can cut different lengths of tubing.

Quality of Material:

A tube which will be automatic is constructed from high-quality materials making it long-lasting and durable. The machine's human body is manufactured out of aluminum, and this can be lightweight and strong. The blade is made of high carbon steel, making it resistant to put and tear. Additionally, these devices have system which are cooling prevents overheating and prolongs the machine's lifespan. The KEPUNI automatic tube cutting machine is also created to need repair this is certainly minimal.


A pipe that is automated has a wide collection of applications. It is appropriate use in industries that require the cutting of plastic and metal that is tubular such as plumbing work, automotive, and HVAC. Also, the unit can cut tubing to the length this is certainly appropriate a lot of different tasks, from DIY to construction that is large.

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